Interfacing EzyWine Visual FoxPro Tables with MySQL Server


Interfacing EzyWine Visual FoxPro Tables with MySQL Server


We receive many requests and calls from clients and in particular web developers asking how they can get their stock item list, prices, debtors and sales information out of EzyWine and onto their website?

The EzyWine application is developed using MS Visual FoxPro (v9) and has always been a bit cumbersome when it comes to exporting or synchronising its data with other data sources.

A tool that is used in-house to export MS Visual FoxPro customer service table data from our support system to a MySQL database server for use on our intranet website is called ‘SQLyog Enterprise’ ( This tool allows the export of Visual FoxPro data to MySQL at scheduled intervals. SQLyog Enterprise obtains the Visual FoxPro data via an ODBC connection.

For anyone wishing to export EzyWine data for website integration a complete list of data structures can be obtained by request. Please direct requests to

EzyWine also provides a comprehensive range of export options as standard. Most data can be exported from EzyWine in comma delimited (CSV) format.

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